tirsdag den 15. november 2016

Check out the new pages!

Hello there!

I have set up a new portfolio page which you can find HERE!

If you are looking for more regular updates (of sorts), you can find that at my tumblr sketchblog, Goons, Guns & Gals.

fredag den 4. april 2014

Project QuadroPed: Finishing Up

Hm, alright. I actually wanted to do more updates along the way with this project, but it just didn't seem to happen. Anyway; here is the somewhat finished result of my co-op project with the lovely animator Louise Gregersen. I want to revisit this project again later on and add a lot of the small things, from the concept, that didn't make the cut.

Colour Class

Hey there, peeps.

Here last week our class had a colour week with the talented Joaquim Royo - I felt like I learned so much from him. This is some of the stuff from the week:

torsdag den 13. februar 2014

Making of Trailer Project: Alien

Hello people!
I got to put together a little video on the progress through the making of the Trailer Project: Alien.


There has been quite a couple of places that has shown our trailer a bit of attention. So here is a shout out to those cool pages. Thanks guys!

Our school is actually located in Denmark, but yearh, whatever.
And our dicrector, Kristine Kjærsgaard Hansen, put the trailer up on her Deviant Art profile and we got Daily Deviation!
Check it out here.

Now no one can come and say I didn't reposted this video a couple of times. Definitely not.

mandag den 20. januar 2014

Project QuadroPed: Getting started

We have started a new project and are now two weeks in.
It is an co-op project between the CG Artist and the Animators, my animator is the ever vigilant Louise Gregersen (so a lot of this is also her work). The project is about designing and creating a four-legged creature, animating itand implementing it into some life footage.
We are working on a Berry Theif called Erebus; he is a mix between a tapir and a lion cub.

First drafts - we ended up altering the design bottom right. 

 Photo implementation

Yes, I know. The tongue and the stare makes it seems a bit creepy. The tongue looks like this for rigging purposes.

More to come later!

(and thanks Brynn and Sydney for the help during design - also Alsonso during modelling)

fredag den 20. december 2013

Trailer Project: Alien - update!

Woo! We are done! The trailer project Alien is now live. Go check it out and tell us what you think.

And a big thanks to all of my lovely team members, I'm proud of our result.
Go visit their sites and check out their stuff as well:

CG Artists:

torsdag den 12. september 2013

Trailerproject at TAW: Alien

What's up people? I know what's up! A paraphrase trailer project is up, that's what. My team are working on making a trailer for the horror classic, Alien. Here are some things from the preproduction phases that I have done; also check out our TUMBLR for more Alien goodies and stay updated.