mandag den 8. november 2010

Operation Jazzhound III

Over the past weeks we have been working in Maya with 3D-modelling, Mudbox with sculpting and in Photoshop with texturing.
Here, have some screenshots from the process of modelling in Maya. Click the link below to get a lager version of the picture.

I have taken pictures of my maquette in order to have som reference when I model the base for the Jazzhound.
Click for bigger version here.

Now with eyes!
Click for bigger version here.

The body and the legs in the process of being modelled.
Click for bigger version here.

Details, such as teeth, back-xylophon and tail-triangle gets added.
Click for bigger version here.

Rinkels and smootness is added in Mudbox.
Click for bigger version here.

The model in mudbox is incredibly heavy memory wise, so in order to apply the details on the model, all the changes are compressed into a map (a normal map or a occlusion map) that tricks the lighting in Maya to believe that the model is more complicated than it really is.
Click for bigger version here.

The textures (colours painted on the unfolded 3d-model) are put on after unwrapping is done.
Click for bigger version here.

And now with default lighting :)
Click for bigger version here.

And so I tweaked the model here and there before I put it into the landscape and lit it as well. This project, with different excercises included, took three months to finish. The programs involved were Maya 2011, Photoshop CS5, Mudbox 2011.

Final render!
Click here for bigger version.

And at last, but not very least, a turntable video of the Jazz-hound. Do enjoy!

Over'n'out for now. Another update for this blog might already be in the making :D

lørdag den 23. oktober 2010

Old news

I have wanted to post these for a while, but have first gotten myself pulled together to do it now..
These are some of the drawings I did in the summer holiday, in Rome.
It is highly recomentable to sit down and draw, if you find some interesting statues or paintings, when at a museum. Thats what I did and it was a real nice add-on to the museum experience..

Triton - better version here

Seasnake wrestleress - better version here

The goddess of superfluity - better version here

The Dying Niobide - better version here

The calm sea's horse - better version here

Appia's wife - better version here

onsdag den 13. oktober 2010

Operation Jazz-hound - part II

After we finished the maquette, we started working on our backgrounds. We started out with designing how the landscapes and scenes should be.I knew that I wanted mine to be and open scene, a brought landscape that should be joyfull and made from instruments. So I designed trees, bushes and hills in various ways. And so we begun sketching thumbnails (small drawings, helps you decide how your scene should look, fairly quick to make)..

These are the best of the black/white thumbnails I did. I chose two of them to continue developing on.

This was the first of my bigger thumbnails/layouts for the Jazz-Hounds music-landscape.
Here I think I got the felling I wanted in the walk of the Jazz-Hound. But the pipe organ mountains in the background made it look very stiff. So I wanted to
do another one.

This secound version of my bigger thumbnails/layout for the Jazz-Hounds music-landscape.
I liked the form of the Jazz-Hound in this one, but the fact that it was not facing the audience was a minus. Besides I really liked the landscape in this one as well.

A combination of them both was the version that I ended up using for as the reference in the 3D-program Maya.

Here I am building the set in the 3D program we are currently using, Maya 2011.

The 3D model of the set and a basic stand-in figure for the Jazz-Hound, which is currently in the making.

And more will come when there is more to show - do enjoy.

torsdag den 7. oktober 2010

PvZ Fanart

Im kind of bitter right now.. My favorite games company, Valve, has just released Left 4 Dead 2 for the Mac. I have been waiting for this since last april, so I was rather eager to begin.
BUT! It did not work.. Grr - I got mad and decided to do a Plants vs. Zombies fanart instead.
Here is the result:

My two favorite plants from PvZ.. The Gatling Pea and Torchwood!

You can see a bigger version of the picture here.

tirsdag den 5. oktober 2010

Mega 3D-update! - operation Jazz-Hound

I have been meaning to post some stuff from the 3D-course im at, for some time now. And so, this is it. At the course we are working towards a final project, this being a stillshot made all in 3D. So we started from the bottom, developing a concept and a character.
We had a british teacher, Julia, who has been working with Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers, who tort us how to develop a character from a idea to a concept and further on to a maquette.

My original idea, for the project, was that I wanted to do a robot made out of music instruments. For one part because I love making robots, another part because I think music instruments look totally badass! So, she asked if I had any previous experience with drawing instruments or generally knew something about music and instruments. And I have and did - at the same time this picture came to my mind.
For bigger version, click here.

It was a musicthemed catsuited villainess and her two partners in crime, which I did quiet some time ago.
My teacher got very fascinated with the two music-animals and asked if I would be interested in doing something like that instead of a robot, for my project. I felt good about it, so it was a natural yes.
I started doing a lot of reseach, finding different instruments and started doing collages with them to find out what kind of music-animal I was going for.

For bigger version, click here.

So, as I looked through the different animals, I found that I really liked the fox-type character in the top left corner, the grasshopper-like creature at the middle right and the frog like animal in the bottom left.
I tried to draw the characters, that I liked, from other angles and not as flat as the collage in order to see if they were capable material for 3D-modeling.

For bigger version, click here.

For bigger version, click here.

The design, I ended up continuing with, was the very last one on the right. The Jazz-hound with the piano grin.
And so our class started doing our maquettes (sculptures made from clay - a method that are also used at Pixar, Dreamworks and other big 3D-companies in order to give the 3D-modelers a solid object to relate their digital sculpting to.) The following pictures shows the development from skeleton (pro-term; "amateur") to finished sculpture:

For bigger version, click here.

Aaand thats it for now - yearh, very analog 3D so far, but we will get there in the next update. There will also be a couple of detail shots from the maquette.
You can click any of the pictures to enlarge and please leave a comment if you have any constructive criticism.

Over'n'out - Bjørn

mandag den 20. september 2010

Even more alien!

Yet another alien - a more buffed version of the previous alien and for the same MMO.

Want to have a better look? Well, clicking the picture makes it bigger..

onsdag den 15. september 2010


Finally! I got my blog working again.. What have happened in the meantime? Oh, I will tell you; I have been making a couple of different concepts for Ravendesigns' game Defenders and some other designs for a yet untitled MMO. Both sci-fi based, so it was very enjoyable!

Futher more I have just started at the 3D pro course at The Animation Work
shop and I enjoy every second of it :) so soon there will be some showcasing from that front as well.

But until then - some of the stuff for the Defenders project!

A alien design for the MMO

Trapper - the more stealthy class kinda guy

Artillery - the not so stealthy kinda guy

More - soon to come!

tirsdag den 11. maj 2010

Muscle studies

This is different studies of the muscles. Most of them are between 10 to 25 min. Some are done with red pencil and 4B, and some are just 6B.
These was done last week in the days where we had anatomy with Glenn Vilppu.
And don't worry, neither Matt or Laura (the models) took off their skin.. Høhø.

Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge.

lørdag den 8. maj 2010


This past week we have had a teacher called Glenn Vilppu, a real nice guy with some very interesting techniques. I think I made a lot of progress in my drawings under his teaching.
These two drawings were both 10 min studies. A combo of red pencil and 4B pencil.

If you want to know more about Vilppu and his way of teaching go to his website.

Classic drawings

This is the kind of drawings that we usually do at The Drawing Academy (TDA). This was a 3-4 hour study if I remember correctly. The model was Matt, our favorite philosopher!
This was done under the teaching of my class' usual teacher, Artem.

Click on the picture to enlarge.


This was a drawing I did for my Impro class at The Drawing Academy (TDA).
We had invented these two characters, the british huntsman with a permanent cold and his sidekick, the peruvian gun-for-hire gangster.
This was done from some pencil thumbnails and other than that all in Photoshop.
This can also be seen on our Impro-blog:

Next up, realistic drawings *gasp!*

First blog

So I finally got myself pulled together to do it! To make myself a blog. Whatdoyaknow..
Here I will be posting drawings, digital paintings, concept drawings and games in which I have participated with graphics or other stuff.

So, I hope you all will enjoy.