lørdag den 23. oktober 2010

Old news

I have wanted to post these for a while, but have first gotten myself pulled together to do it now..
These are some of the drawings I did in the summer holiday, in Rome.
It is highly recomentable to sit down and draw, if you find some interesting statues or paintings, when at a museum. Thats what I did and it was a real nice add-on to the museum experience..

Triton - better version here

Seasnake wrestleress - better version here

The goddess of superfluity - better version here

The Dying Niobide - better version here

The calm sea's horse - better version here

Appia's wife - better version here

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  1. You have improved immensely since last I saw your still lives and studies. Gone are the hairy humans you had a tendency to draw (no offense :P) and in its place is crisp and welll constructed forms. I'm really impressed, maybe I should go to Rome to practice :)