onsdag den 13. oktober 2010

Operation Jazz-hound - part II

After we finished the maquette, we started working on our backgrounds. We started out with designing how the landscapes and scenes should be.I knew that I wanted mine to be and open scene, a brought landscape that should be joyfull and made from instruments. So I designed trees, bushes and hills in various ways. And so we begun sketching thumbnails (small drawings, helps you decide how your scene should look, fairly quick to make)..

These are the best of the black/white thumbnails I did. I chose two of them to continue developing on.

This was the first of my bigger thumbnails/layouts for the Jazz-Hounds music-landscape.
Here I think I got the felling I wanted in the walk of the Jazz-Hound. But the pipe organ mountains in the background made it look very stiff. So I wanted to
do another one.

This secound version of my bigger thumbnails/layout for the Jazz-Hounds music-landscape.
I liked the form of the Jazz-Hound in this one, but the fact that it was not facing the audience was a minus. Besides I really liked the landscape in this one as well.

A combination of them both was the version that I ended up using for as the reference in the 3D-program Maya.

Here I am building the set in the 3D program we are currently using, Maya 2011.

The 3D model of the set and a basic stand-in figure for the Jazz-Hound, which is currently in the making.

And more will come when there is more to show - do enjoy.

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