fredag den 20. december 2013

Trailer Project: Alien - update!

Woo! We are done! The trailer project Alien is now live. Go check it out and tell us what you think.

And a big thanks to all of my lovely team members, I'm proud of our result.
Go visit their sites and check out their stuff as well:

CG Artists:

torsdag den 12. september 2013

Trailerproject at TAW: Alien

What's up people? I know what's up! A paraphrase trailer project is up, that's what. My team are working on making a trailer for the horror classic, Alien. Here are some things from the preproduction phases that I have done; also check out our TUMBLR for more Alien goodies and stay updated.

The Roberto Challenge

So, a couple of weeks ago our class started having this cool teacher, Roberto F. Castro (check out his stuff by clicking here).
He taught us a neat technic that lets you put yourself under pressure metally as well as time and art-wise. Basically, make a half hour painting each day, all with themes in common. We decided to upload our results at THIS LOVELY PAGE - go check it out or join us in the attempt to become better artists.

This was my first attempt, the theme was "The calm before the storm." - 30 min.

tirsdag den 18. juni 2013

End Year Showreel

Hey guys and girls!

Here is my showreel of stuff from the last semester. Check it out:

End of 1st year Showreel from Bjørn Højlund Rasmussen on Vimeo.

søndag den 26. maj 2013

Short short film project: PlayerTwo

We had a school project where we worked together, Computer Graphics Artists and Character Animators. We had to make a 30 sec film that should be intented as a show for kids, in 4 weeks. I was primarily working with backgrounds, concepts and some colour. Enjoy, folks!

Short Short Film: Player Two - Boot Up Your Imagination from Melanie Giessler on Vimeo.

Check out the other short short films from this year that my class did:

Casa Mecanica

Pirates Don't Swim



Lights Out


mandag den 20. maj 2013

Story moments with Peter Chan

So last week we had Peter Chan who threw our class out of our comfort zones by having us make story beats of things we did not usually make.So I did some cutie stuff. A couple of cute fantasy animals dining in the forest.

The final story beat - hopefully it reads.

onsdag den 15. maj 2013

Scattered school things

So here is some of the things we have been doing in school. There might be followups.

Layout assignment, reference storyboards from Hayao Miyazakis Princess Mononoke.

Colour assignment with Lawrence Marwit. We had to do the opening scene from Hamlet.

 From a collaboration project with our animators, a 30 second long film called PlayerTwo. I did backgrounds and concepts together with Mathias Damgaard and Kristine Hansen. The same goes for the next two pics.

Bundle of bits and pieces

Here is a bunch of things that I could not really find a common title for, except the fact that they all did not really have anything to do with each other. Oh well, enjoy anyway.

For an auktion hosted by the cooperative that sent me to nepal.
I wanted to try something cute for a change.

 A tattoo design suggestion for a friend

 I wanted to draw a surveillance camera mech in a old space suit. It ended up with a beer.. Which makes no sense actually.

 Some gun concepts I have been working on in my sparetime.

lørdag den 20. april 2013

Follow-up Operation: Biped

Hello there, folks!
I have now finished my Biped project and put together a short reel of the process.
Go ahead, give it a look:

Biped project: MyLady de Winter from Bjørn Højlund Rasmussen on Vimeo.

tirsdag den 12. marts 2013

Some delayed game stuff

Hello, people.
Back in January I was at the Nordic Game Jam, the biggest game jam in the world. For those that does not know, a game jam is where a lot of people meet up and together they make a game over a weekend. It is usually small prototypes to illustrate an idea. Some times people compete within certain areas of expertise as well.

The theme this year at Nordic Game Jam was: "Grotesque". My team made NekroMôn, a pokemon inspired game where you have to battle against the other children on the street - using your dead family members, resurrected from the grave.
I did all animations and some backgrounds.

click here then

If you feel like seeing a short recap of Nordic Game Jam

torsdag den 7. marts 2013

Operation Biped: MiLady de Winter

Hey there!
We are starting our next project in school, the Biped project. For my two legged figure I chose to do a adaptation of MiLady de Winter from The Three Musketeers.


First mock ups


Poses with outfits and weapons
First draft
Improved lineart


 Final Design

 Clay maquette, made over 4 days

Today we began modelling our characters in Maya. Looking forward to posting the result.

mandag den 4. februar 2013


Oi, people!
I have made a showreel. Check it out :)

1st year Showreel 2013 from Bjørn Højlund Rasmussen on Vimeo.

fredag den 25. januar 2013


Oh, hello.
This week our class have been studing light and materials. We have had two days to do some still life pictures. Have a look - or don't, im not your boss.

Design with Lawrence Mavit

Hello people!
In my class we have had a couple of weeks with design, taught by Lawrence Mavit. Awsome stuff all the way through. The first assignment was to create an Atlantis Weapon.

I created a armor design based on the Mantis Shrimp. Gotta love that little fella.

This was one of our other assignments. The theme was Undead Coastal Pirates in Venice. Neat. 

Operation: Overdose

We did a superhero project in school. So I came up with The Overdose - a drug fueled superhero. When he takes his drug he can become a walking acid trip, affecting the people around him as he pleases.
6 weeks project i modelled in Maya 2013 and textured in Photoshop CS5 - inspired by Pocoyo and David O'reillys The External World.