fredag den 25. januar 2013


Oh, hello.
This week our class have been studing light and materials. We have had two days to do some still life pictures. Have a look - or don't, im not your boss.

Design with Lawrence Mavit

Hello people!
In my class we have had a couple of weeks with design, taught by Lawrence Mavit. Awsome stuff all the way through. The first assignment was to create an Atlantis Weapon.

I created a armor design based on the Mantis Shrimp. Gotta love that little fella.

This was one of our other assignments. The theme was Undead Coastal Pirates in Venice. Neat. 

Operation: Overdose

We did a superhero project in school. So I came up with The Overdose - a drug fueled superhero. When he takes his drug he can become a walking acid trip, affecting the people around him as he pleases.
6 weeks project i modelled in Maya 2013 and textured in Photoshop CS5 - inspired by Pocoyo and David O'reillys The External World.

Gesture drawing

We had a week with delicious storyboarding and there we practiced gesture drawing - very pleasant!
Oh, and there is some sparetime stuff as well.

Knight of the Household

Hey there!
This was a short 3-4 hour school assignment where we had to assemble a robot made from things that could be found in our homes.