søndag den 26. maj 2013

Short short film project: PlayerTwo

We had a school project where we worked together, Computer Graphics Artists and Character Animators. We had to make a 30 sec film that should be intented as a show for kids, in 4 weeks. I was primarily working with backgrounds, concepts and some colour. Enjoy, folks!

Short Short Film: Player Two - Boot Up Your Imagination from Melanie Giessler on Vimeo.

Check out the other short short films from this year that my class did:

Casa Mecanica

Pirates Don't Swim



Lights Out


mandag den 20. maj 2013

Story moments with Peter Chan

So last week we had Peter Chan who threw our class out of our comfort zones by having us make story beats of things we did not usually make.So I did some cutie stuff. A couple of cute fantasy animals dining in the forest.

The final story beat - hopefully it reads.

onsdag den 15. maj 2013

Scattered school things

So here is some of the things we have been doing in school. There might be followups.

Layout assignment, reference storyboards from Hayao Miyazakis Princess Mononoke.

Colour assignment with Lawrence Marwit. We had to do the opening scene from Hamlet.

 From a collaboration project with our animators, a 30 second long film called PlayerTwo. I did backgrounds and concepts together with Mathias Damgaard and Kristine Hansen. The same goes for the next two pics.

Bundle of bits and pieces

Here is a bunch of things that I could not really find a common title for, except the fact that they all did not really have anything to do with each other. Oh well, enjoy anyway.

For an auktion hosted by the cooperative that sent me to nepal.
I wanted to try something cute for a change.

 A tattoo design suggestion for a friend

 I wanted to draw a surveillance camera mech in a old space suit. It ended up with a beer.. Which makes no sense actually.

 Some gun concepts I have been working on in my sparetime.