mandag den 20. januar 2014

Project QuadroPed: Getting started

We have started a new project and are now two weeks in.
It is an co-op project between the CG Artist and the Animators, my animator is the ever vigilant Louise Gregersen (so a lot of this is also her work). The project is about designing and creating a four-legged creature, animating itand implementing it into some life footage.
We are working on a Berry Theif called Erebus; he is a mix between a tapir and a lion cub.

First drafts - we ended up altering the design bottom right. 

 Photo implementation

Yes, I know. The tongue and the stare makes it seems a bit creepy. The tongue looks like this for rigging purposes.

More to come later!

(and thanks Brynn and Sydney for the help during design - also Alsonso during modelling)

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